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Memoirs of a carp fisher


The critically acclaimed blockbuster book charting Kevin’s obsession with carp fishing that has taken him from a Saturday boy to the owner of the biggest carp brand in the world - warts and all!

Kevin was there at the very beginning of the modern carp scene, when a monster carp weighed 6 lb and waters where they could be caught were few. This is the story of how it all began, from Kevin as a small boy, feeling his way, making mistakes and learning, and eventually emerging victorious.

Share the capture of his first ‘monster’ carp, experience the joy of his memorable big carp captures and also the despair of prolonged blank sessions. Smile at the high jinks and humour of the carp brotherhood from Essex and the Colne Valley in its heyday and you’ll get to know a bit about what makes the man tick.

This book has it all - humour, pathos, information, controversy, and the theme which runs through all of that is the driving passion for all things carp.